DIY Skills missing

A recent study by Halifax Home Insurance has discovered that around 50% of those aged under 35 do not know how to rewire a plug, while 54% couldn’t bleed a radiator and an incredible 63% admitted that they would never attempt putting up wallpaper. The survey also found that 45% would ask someone else to put up a shelf and 36% don’t even bother to do their gardens.

42% would rather employ a professional than try to undertake such jobs themselves. A significant proportion admitted that they usually ask their father to help them with DIY jobs because he is much better than they are.

Unfortunately, when people under the age of 35 try to complete a DIY job, they find that it often goes wrong and can cost up to three times as much to put right as it would for any other age group. Those under 35 will pay around £2500 to fix a botched DIY job while those aged over 45 pay just £800.

Martyn Foulds from Halifax points out that young households could be storing up all sorts of problems for the future when it comes to household maintenance and home improvements, just because they don’t feel they have the experience or knowledge to complete even the most basic tasks.

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