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Power Flush – Central Heating

Save on Energy Costs

The buildup of debris and sludge in a central heating system is not only costly in the monthly heating bills but can cause a long term detriment to the boiler, pump and general heating system, which can be expensive. Saving on energy costs, is important and is value for money.

If you are unsure, whether you need a heating system power flush, check for the following symptoms which can easily be identified:

  • Some or all of the radiators having cold spots or areas such as the bottom of the radiator which rarely gets hot
  • The tops of the radiator are cold, which is due to a build up of air and repeatedly requires bleeding, this is caused by corrosion and rusting of the radiators inside.
  • Inconsistent hot water from scale or lime buildup in the tank, or other deposits, such as sludge in the the heating system, which occur over time.
  • Pump noise, rattle and potential failure
  • Spurious noises, kettling sound or banging noise around the system and at the boiler unit, generally indicates a build up of sludge, debris and air.

If you heating system is experiencing any of these issues, then we certainly recommend a complete power flush. However, be careful of any false economies with cheaper alternative service providers, these usually only flush a system and do not use the appropriate inhibitors that prevent any re occurrence of the problems listed. It is true that the system requires a thorough cleaning,  which warrants the use of recommended and relevant industrial chemicals. After which, the system requires rinsing and then a further procedure of introducing the appropriate additives to ensure that the newly cleaned system remains efficient and reliable for years to come.

Only flushing the central heating system, is merely a short term and quick fix, the problems and sounds will soon be back.

Please consider having a complete and professional power flush by our experienced engineers, that use the correct procedure and recommended additives. Our solution is a cost effective service and not a false economy.

It will take approximately one whole day to have a complete domestic heating system revitalised properly.