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Common problems that can easily be resolved by yourself without incurring the cost of an engineer or plumber

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Air Lock in Water Supply

A tap which fails to supply water when opened may well be airlocked. Removing the air lock To overcome this, attach a length of hosepipe to the affected tap and connect the other end to a working direct feed tap. In most cases this will be the cold tap on the kitchen sink. Open both …

Balancing a Heating System

To ensure an even distribution of the hot water to the radiators in a system you’ll need to do what’s known as balancing the system. Because the water is pumped via a pipe, and branches to feed each radiator, the ones at the beginning of the ‘run’ tend to get more than their fair share. …

How to Wire a Plug

Prepare the plug and flex Open up the new plug by undoing the screw on its base between the rectangular pins. Inside there will be three terminals, a fuse in a holder and a clamp for securing the flex. Hold the flex next to the clamp and note how long each of the wires will …

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